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I was impressed at its ease of usability and indeed as promised, I was able to generate 10 topic ideas within 4 minutes.
Asad Naveed
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, St. Michael’s Hospital
I subcribed to Research Kick and gave 4 research topics in form of relevant research questions to my post graduates in a matter of minutes.
Professor of Medicine
I used Research Kick this week, very happy with the result.
Jason McKenna
Author / Speaker

What is Research Kick?

A better and faster way to kickstart your research

Research Kick is an AI that helps researcher brainstorm and craft compelling research questions. Integrated with scholarly databases like Semantic Scholar, Scite, and PubMed, Research Kick also helps user identify research gaps.

Less than 10 minutes

Research Kick helps you brainstorm ideas, craft research questions, and identify research gaps in less than 10 minutes.

More than 300 million papers

Research Kick searches through more than 300 million research papers to help you identify research gaps in many fields.

Trusted scholarly databases

Research Kick integrates with trusted scholarly databases like Semantic Scholar, Scite, and PubMed for accurate results.

World-class AI models

Research Kick uses OpenAI GPT-4o and cutting-edge AI technologies to ensure no hallucinations and provide the best results.

How it works?

3 simple steps

Enter research keywords. Refine research questions. Identify research gaps.

Step 1

Generate research questions

Simply enter your research keywords, Research Kick will give you 5-10 relevant and compelling research questions. You can select any given research question and ask Research Kick to refine it or check if it is a novel research question.


Step 2

Refine research questions

Ask Research Kick to refine a research question and optionally provide additional considerations. Research Kick will give you more focused, precise, and compelling research questions. You can repeat this process until you are satisfied with a given research question.


Step 3

Find relevant research papers and identify research gaps

Ask Research Kick to search trusted research databases for relevant research papers that can answer your research question. Research Kick will find a list of the most relevant research papers (if any) and assess if they have adequately addressed your research question.



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